Final Report


This semester I had the ability to work with HERA Wellness Center in Northridge, California. This was a small wellness center who had really no social media presence. The main objective throughout this semester was to grow and establish a social media presence primarily through Instagram. Additional objectives included: expanding blog section of the website, refining website, creating a logo, designing business cards, flyers and brochures, distributing flyers and brochures, creating contact lists, and just getting HERA Wellness Center’s services out there. Throughout the duration of the semester, I can confidently share that these objectives were met however there is still so much room for growth.


The purpose of helping HERA Wellness Center was to assist them in developing a social media presence in efforts to attract more clientele along with helping them distinguish their brand. By creating business cards, flyers, and brochures this allowed HERA Wellness center to illuminate professionalism and reach out to the community with the services that they have. In today’s world, it is so important for businesses to have some social media presence. I feel my time at HERA Wellness Center has helped share the organization with the local community.


It was fun to work with HERA Wellness Center because the organization was somewhat of a blank slate. There was an Instagram created but there weren’t any regular posting or thematic posts.

The Instagram was my favorite aspect to work on the duration of the semester. I created thematic posts of blue and purple photos in order to align with the blue and purple tones in the peacock logo. I was also able to create multiple story highlights which further illustrated what was important to this organization as a wellness center. Highlights such as “Daily Affirmations” and “Self-Care Tips” received the most attention. This attention was achieved through hashtags and regular posting.

Through regular posting, Hera Wellness Center was able to gain an additional 300 followers the duration of the semester. This was achieved by engaging with people on Instagram, following similar accounts, and using appropriate hashtags. I very proud of the follower growth and this made the owners very excited; we are hosting a giveaway next week to celebrate reaching 1,000 followers.

When I wasn’t working on social media, I was designing. As someone who is not a natural designer, I feel that I grew a lot in this area during the semester. I had to color a peacock logo which took me hours but when I finished, felt rewarded. I looked up different color palettes on Pinterest to help manifest some inspiration when choosing the colors for the peacock. I wanted colors that were bold but also somewhat pastel and airy. After the logo was established I had to create business cards. This also took me hours on end, however, I did learn a lot during the design process.

Designing flyers and brochures were my favorite design projects during the semester. Since I have most of my Adobe Cloud experience with InDesign, I was able to use these skills in creating brochures and flyers to distribute for the wellness center. This took. Quite a bit of time as I had to spend hours on Pinterest looking for inspiration through different color palettes. I wanted the flyers and brochures to be professional but still, have a pop of color. I searched for earthy, muted tones to help portray these feelings.

Throughout the semester I also spent a great deal of time editing and writing. As someone who loves to write this was very fun for me. First, I started out by writing blog posts, I got my own little segment known as Wellness on a Budget. I wrote blog posts with the aimed demographic to be broke college students. I aimed to debunk the myth that taking care of yourself is vain, luxurious, and expensive. This was my favorite content to write and articles I would confidently add to my portfolio.

I also designed a PowerPoint for Reiki healing. With over 250 slides, this project took a lot of time. I edited all the content, wrote some of the content, and found images for every slide. I used royalty free images sourced via and I was able to brush up on my PowerPoint skills which were a little rusty as I hadn’t really worked with PowerPoint since high school.

One of my bigger editing tasks was Hera Wellness Center’s website. Most of the content was written so I spent time editing each page on the site. This often times resulted in multiple drafts and revisions of sections that were more clear and concise for the site. Through this experience, I learned that I ultimately prefer to write instead of edit.


There were quite a few challenges the duration of my time at HERA Wellness Center. I feel I had so much growth in my last social media internship that I was very hard on myself when the exact growth was duplicated with HERA Wellness Center. However, this thought the process can really hinder you so I am trying to find ways to not compare experiences in a deconstructive way.

Sometimes, it was hard for me to challenge myself creatively via social media and design projects. Although I do consider myself a creative person, I feel that I am more creative through words instead of visually. I turned to the internet a lot for creative inspiration, and although helpful, I want to find ways to become more creatively inspired on my own.

I struggled with the business card designs; I don’t have much experience in Illustrator, so this was somewhat of a daunting task. I don’t consider myself a designer so there was a lot of trial and error when designing logos and business cards. It was also somewhat difficult to reach out to the community. After compiling extensive contact lists, many hospitals and business were unable to share the brochures and flyers we offered which became a little disheartening.


Overall, I had an amazing experience working with HERA Wellness Center. I plan to continue working with them after the semester ends. Although growing on social media was a bit challenging I learned a lot. I learned how important it is for an organization to have a brand. I also learned to celebrate small triumphs such as figuring out how to make text into a shape in Illustrator. I feel what I most took for this experience is how amazing it is to work with a small business. After coming from an internship with a big company, working with a local company felt so much more fulfilling; I connected with everyone that worked there and really felt that the work I was doing was benefitting the company directly.  I’m not entirely sure if I will want to work in social media forever. I have worked with social media for the past two years, I feel like I am outgrowing it. However, I do still want to grow my social media skills as they are great for a resume.


Proof of Public Report W-11

Time log:

6/25: Type of content for Reiki brochure and create template, finalize and send to print – 4 hours.

6/27: Create and post 7 affirmations for Instagram highlight. – 45 min.

Post on Instagram 3 times – 15 min = 45 min.

5.5 hours.

7/2: Design and post first “Fav Reads” highlight. Design and post first “News” post. – 1 hour

7/3: Contact people on resource list – 2 hours.

7/3: Draft content general brochure – 1 hour.

7/5: Respond to images via Instagram and follow similar pages – 30 min

Post on instagram 3 times – 15 min = 45 min.

5 hours and 15 min.

Total time: 10 hours and 45 minutes.

Screen Shot 2018-07-06 at 5.46.38 AMScreen Shot 2018-07-06 at 5.46.50 AMIMG_3938





Reverse Engineer a Sponsored Promotion Post


Introduction: Glade is promoting their PlugIn Scented Oil through a sponsored Instagram  video. This video connects to the average millennial who is looking for change in life.  The seascape principles used are the value principle and the story principle.


Analysis: Three design principles being used are typography, color, and lines.


Above, the repetition of the navy blue colors not only make the image have a pop of color but also helps the post look uniform and consistent.


Above, the lines in the image create a square box which is complementary to Instagram’s iconic square image posts. Since the post is already square the added lines that create a square draw in the viewers attention and adds sharpness to the image.


The typography above consists of white sans serif font with nice line and word spacing. The simple white font is appealing on the somewhat busy background and doesn’t overwhelm the audience.


Conclusion: The use of typography, lines, and color help Glade’s sponsored post keep a person from just scrolling past their video. The clean, bold look of the promotion draws the audience in.

GS107 Blog Post 1

This is my last semester at BYU-I. Although I am excited to graduate I am a little nervous about the next chapter. I’m thinking about attending graduate school, I am just unsure if I want to take a little break before I pursue my next degree. I want to to receive my graduate degree in environmental studies and ideally would love to work in accessibility for rural communities or urban planning. I am really passionate about the environment. I believe that it’s our job to take care of the planet and feel that a little effort goes a long way. I would love to help debunk the myth that sustainable living is expensive and inconvenient.

Proof of Public Report W-9

Edit the remaining pages on website:


Gather photos for 2 weeks on Instagram posts:

Screen Shot 2018-06-22 at 3.26.16 PM.png

Post 3 photos on Instagram page (bottom row):

IMG_3535 2.PNG


Stage and take photos/edit for blog post:

Refine blog posts and publish on Facebook:

Screen Shot 2018-06-22 at 3.35.54 PM.png

Post 3 posts on Instagram (top row):

IMG_3535 2.PNG

Posted all blog posts on Instagram story:

Add photos and edit powerpoint curriculum (e-mailed).

Time log:

6/11: Edits to website – 2 hours

6/11 Gathering photos for Instagram – 30 minutes

6/11 Staging photos/editing for blog: 45 minutes

6/11 Refining 2 blog posts, publishing on site, scheduling on Facebook: 1 hour

6/17 First 30 slides of curriculum: 1.5 hours

Posting on Instagram 3 times: 30 minutes

6.25 hours

6/19-6/21 Finishing slides on curriculum: 12 hours

6/21 Posting 18 blogs on Blog Post story: 40 minutes

Posting 3 times on Instagram: 30 minutes

13.10 hours

Total time: 19.35 hours





Reverse Engineer a Native Video

Introduction: This video shares 10 ways people can reduce their waste. This video is aimed for people who don’t have experience with zero-waste and are interested in living more sustainably. The seascape principles being used are: The Value Principle, The Principle of Least Resistance, and The Attention Principle.

Screen Shot 2018-06-20 at 1.17.09 PMScreen Shot 2018-06-20 at 1.14.00 PMScreen Shot 2018-06-20 at 1.15.22 PM



The background being clean, bright, and minimal helps for a more professional look. The background is also always the same when the narrator is speaking which helps with consistency.


The contrast of the bright green wrap and white counter top adds vibrance to the video and keeps the viewers attention. It also makes the video bold and fun.


Typography: The sans serif font is clean, modern, and professional. The spacing between the letters promotes an open feeling. The bright yellow color of the fonts stands out on the back background and white bag.



Typography, contrast, and background are all important factors when creating and publishing a video. Strong attention to detail and care illustrates a more professional loo which will encourage people to watch the video you create.

Sprint 3 Week 7



Circle-Logo.pngCreate new logo for business cards and social media.

Screen Shot 2018-06-08 at 12.43.21 PM.png

Write, edit, publish services on HERA Wellness Facebook page.


IMG_2878 2.PNG

Work on Instagram feed to create a theme of blue/purple photos to align with blue/purple peacock logo. Instagram posts touch on wellness. All colors are from logo.

IMG_2885.PNG    IMG_2882.PNG


Create and post under self-care highlights using hashtags.

IMG_2880 2.PNG  IMG_2879 2.PNG

Post under affirmations highlight. Use appropriate hashtag and design for consistency. All colors are from logo.


Compile list of hospitals nearby to contact and drop off training brochures at:


Berkley Valley Convalescent Hospital – 818 786-0020

Southern California Hospital at Van Nuys – (818) 787-1511

Valley Presbyterian Hospital – (818) 782-6600

Sherman Oaks Hospital – (818) 981-7111

Encino Hospital Medical Center – 818-995-5000

Barlow Respiratory Hospital –  818-782-6600 Ext. 8360

Mission Community Hospital – 818-787-2222

Valley Family Medicine Urgent Care Center – (747) 254-0123

Providence Holy Cross Medical Center – (818) 365-8051

West Hills Hospital & Medical Center – (818) 676-4000

Providence Tarzana Medical Center – (818) 881-0800

Sherman Oaks Hospital – (818) 981-7111

Kaiser Woodland Hills – (818) 719-2770

Kaiser Panorama City – (818) 375-2000

Northridge Hospital Medical Center – (818) 304-8900

West Oak Urgent Care Center – (818) 709-5700

Providence Tarzana Women’s Center – 818- 881-9814

Rinaldi Convalescent Hospital – (818) – 360 -1003


Edit content on website:

Screen Shot 2018-06-08 at 1.50.25 PM.png

Screen Shot 2018-06-08 at 1.50.50 PM.png

Screenshots of unpublished blog posts.


Time log:


5/29 – Create new logo drafts and pick final for business cards 2.5 hours

5/30 – Emotional Vacation blog post – 1.5 hours

5/30 – Library blog post – 1 hour

6/2 – Research hospitals in 10 mile radius and start making a call list – 30 minutes

6/2 – Create template for “Self Care” highlight, then create and save 15 different self-care tips, save for posting – 2 hours

6/2 – Create new “Affirmation highlights” – 15 minutes

6/4 – Edit and publish content on website pages – 30 minutes

6/4 – Create, edit, publish service tab on Facebook – 1 hour

6/5 – Compile blue/purple photos on Instagram – 20 minutes

Post on Instagram – 10 minutes x 5 = 50 minutes


10 hours 40 minutes